PDubs' Handcrafted Beers

We brew a nice selection of Distinct Premium Craft Beers, and Sodas in house.

We also offer Specialty Cocktails as well as a full bar.

Our Flagship Beers


Cream Ale

Light and refreshing with balanced malt and hop aromas. 7% ABV 12 IBU


Red Racer Pale Ale

Refreshing easy drinking beer with a juicy but not bitter hop profile. 8% ABV


Saison (seh-zohn)

Hints of pepper and fruit with a dry finish and subtle hop edge. 5.6% ABV 44 IBU


Milk Stout

Smooth, thick, and creamy, this Milk Stout has a hint of sweetness.  7.5% ABV, 45 IBU


Porter Draw

A Dry and Robust English Style Porter.  Medium Bodied with notes of Toffee , Bitter Chocolate and Roasted Coffee - Well Balanced. 5% ABV

Copperhead Pale Ale

A smooth Pale Ale with a deep copper color and Citra Hops that give a nice fruit flavor that's drinkable all the way through without being too tart.  5.25% ABV, 49 IBU

Our Rotating Beers


Aspen Gold

Golden ale brewed with wild yeast and local Aspen leaves instead of hops for a smooth drinking beer with a subtle earthy bitterness.


Blueberry Hefeweizen

Hints of clove and banana paired with subtle undertones of blueberry


Bullfrog Brown Ale

Why 'Bullfrog' you ask? Because it's Hoppy!!!


Chocolate Porter

PDubs special Chocolate Porter, made with cacao nibs for a rich, earthy and deep chocolate flavor. Served on Nitro for a rich creamy mouth feel which creates an absolutely delicious Porter! 5.2% ABV, IBU 33


Citra IPA

Aromas of Tangerine and Grapefruit with full hop profile. 7.1% ABV 109 IBU


Coffee Porter

Roasted Malty Flavor, Reminiscent of Cold Brewed Coffee with Hints of Chocolate in a Refreshing Beer.  5.0% ABV


Colorado Weisse

Tart and refreshing beer made with all Colorado Barley. A member of the "sour beer" family that has characteristics of wine, juice and beer this is a great beer for all! 5.8% ABV


DunkleDub Weisse

This wheat beer is a good mix of dark and lite with banana and clove notes as well as the earthy, toasty, chocolately tones from the darker malts.  5% ABV 18 IBU


Gluten Free* Honey Porter

Beer made with Malted and Roasted Millet, Buckwheat and Colorado Honey


Mocha Mint Porter

Aroma of chocolate mint and a smooth finish of dark semi-sweet chocolate


Oatmeal Milk Stout

Dark and Sweet, with notes of dark chocolate and served with a nitrogen tap for a creamy mouth feel. 5.8 ABV 36 IBU


PDub Grapefruit IPA

Aromas of Grapefruit with full hop profile. 7.1% ABV 109 IBU


Pineapple Mango Wheat

Aromatic Pineapple flavor with hints of mango


Purcell ESB

This Extra Special Bitter is a bit more aggressive and balanced in the hop character, but not overpowering.  Golden in color with toasty hops.  A well balanced beer that you will enjoy!  5.6% ABV 25 IBU



Traditional Festival Beer from Finland brewed with Juniper Bows and Ceder chips in the mash and fermented with bakers yeast for a complex malty character 


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